Why should I work with yourCoachSite?

We know, there are many services out there that could offer you a website, pretty good ones too. But it never is an easy decision to make, it costs a fortune to get it up the way you want it to be, it’s a struggle to deal with the web developer, and it takes weeks to sometimes months to launch. Every time you want to make changes to the website you have to deal with the developer again, and if you want to add an extra page it means more payment. So you try to do it on your own, and it doesn’t look that great and you can’t figure out how to do cool stuff like having a events management system, collect payments, or add a testimonials box. And did I say it’s really hard to make it look great? So you buy a template and now you are left alone with no support to build the site on your own, and you still don’t know what to fancy-up your site with features.

The team at yourCoachSite are coaches ourselves. As insiders (and being web developers) we knew the dilemma well and were always consulted by colleagues with the question ‘I need a website, what should I do? It’s so much work and money!’

So we came up with a solution. A website you build yourself that looks great from the get-go and has awesome features created for coaches.

No more hassling with web developers and ‘it is $$ to update to your website’.

No more countless hours spent trying to figure it all out yourself from scratch, and being frustrated because it’s not up to your standards.

No more feeling left in the dark.

With yourCoachSite, now you have a professional looking website with the design you choose, advanced features (PayPal on your site, anybody?) to support your practice, and you have ownership of your own site (like you should, right?)

Want to learn more? Check out our ‘Features‘ page!


I’m not great with computers, is it really easy to do?

Yes.  We’ve simplified the interface so it’s easy for you to take care of your website, and have a ‘Getting Started’ guide along with a complete User Guide to help you through step-by-step. You could always contact us too. We love working with our clients, and we are happy when you are happy.


What if I want to change the design or color of my site?

It’s easy to do with our user-friendly interface. Just choose the new design or color you want and your site will reflect the changes instantly. Your pages or blog posts will not be lost in the process, so rest assure.


Can I change the menu options or content?

Absolutely, the site is yours. You could add, delete, or rename any menu options. Also customize the content to reflect your personality and teaching style. You could also upload your teaching material or forms to give your clients access.