How to Build Trust Online as a Life Coach With Visitors and Potential Clients

Apr 3

Building trust with visitors on your website is integral to a successful business.  Generating leads in person is also a fantastic way to have conversations with others turn into a professional coaching relationship – if someone meets you in person, they are more likely to be converted into a client.   This is not always practical, […]

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Creating Your Personal Brand

Aug 14

If you are looking to buy a new car, wouldn’t you do as much research as possible? The same goes for people looking for a good coach.  In fact, the comments about you that are left by others will have a strong influence on how potential clients view you.  Mary Rosenbaum covers how important personal […]

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Why Use WordPress for Your Coaching Practice?

Jul 30

In the past website updates were usually considered the responsibility of the developer or designer.  This meant that simple changes could become very expensive, since they had to pay the designer for their time.  Content management systems (CMS) are changing all of that.  The CMS that is leading this revolution is WordPress.  Dawud Miracle is […]

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SEO on a Budget

Cost-Efficient SEO for Coaches

Jun 25

We all know that SEO is important but most coaches who are starting a coaching website don’t have extra money to spend on extra services for the site.  What they need is a way to quickly learn enough about SEO to be dangerous.  Ken Schroder’s post, “What’s the Secret to SEO on a budget?” cover […]

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The Role of Local SEO for Coaches

Jun 13

What role does location play for coaches in regard to SEO? Is it even something to be considered?  Many coaches work with people across the country or on the other side of the world and as a result, they often mention the physical location of their practice as little as possible for fear of scaring […]

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Niche Profile: Entrepreneurial Coaching

Jun 12

Read a typical coaching website for any length of time and you’ll quickly learn how important it is to establish a niche.  Connecting your personal brand with a coaching niche is the best way to make your practice stand out from the crowd (and on the Internet we’re talking about a really big crowd).  There […]

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Site Maps for Coaches: Getting Popular with Search Engines

Jun 11

Site Maps for Coaches What most people who run coaching websites don’t understand about SEO is that with billions and billions of pages out there on the Internet, search engines have to use any and every way possible to prioritize how they will crawl all of those pages.  For example, crawlers will more accurately crawl […]

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Use editorial calendars to manage content on coaching websites.

Setting up a Blog Editorial Calendar

May 22

Coaching blogs and websites need several different types of content.  Depending on how you engage your audience you’ll need fresh posts to populate your blog, descriptions of your services, content for your email newsletters and copy to release on your social media outlets.  Keeping up with just these few different types of content can quickly […]

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Social proof and coaching websites

Boost Your Coaching Practice with Social Media Marketing

May 21

Welcome to the age of social media marketing. It’s a fact that most people cite the recommendations of friends and acquaintances as a leading factor in making purchasing decisions.  This trend persists in all areas from picking a television to deciding where to eat dinner to selecting a life coach.  Arina from touches on […]

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Sharing Small Business Coaching Content on Social Networks

May 15

With the advent of social networking, it is easier for business coaches to connect with people interested in their brands and monitor relevant conversations.  The best way to do this is by sharing small business coaching content.  Julia Stewart covers this topic in her blog post, “How to Attract Coaching Clients Via Social Networking Sites.” […]

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