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There had to be a better way to meet the ‘web needs’ of coaches and trainers. The internet has advanced so much that we didn’t need to deal with complicated codes or computer languages to build websites anymore, yet the system wasn’t in place, it wasn’t readily accessible. It was still challenging for coaches to get websites; it was intimidating, expensive, with many unforeseen problems happening down the road.

kevin3YourCoachSite Team (Kevin & Alyssa) wanted to help the coaches. Things continue to improve in this world and they too wanted to make a contribution in a field they were passionate about. After months of listening to difficulties colleagues were experiencing regarding their ‘web experience’ combined with Kevin’s insights and web development skills fueled with Alyssa’s ideas and feedback, they finally did it.

 They built the system, a whole new way for coaches to have websites & blogs that has so many features built-in to help the coaches grow and expand their practice. A safe and reliable website service so coaches don’t have to worry about issues with spyware or not being able to update their website on their own. It was also rich in features that many coaches couldn’t afford to have in the past and it was easy to use. It had potential to do more than what most coaches were looking for, all in one place.

The Team is proud of the accomplishment and happy to see coaches taking advantage of yourCoachSite for a ground of web presence, client management, and expansion. They are also working hard to improve yourCoachSite even further and think one step ahead of others.

Born in Austin, Texas.

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